Sunday, May 22, 2005

Baked Egg Custard

egg custard with ginger and banana
The Situation:
I have an upset stomach, the detailed symptoms of which you really don't want to know about. Doctor says that it's probably an irritated bowel, brought on by a mild bout of food poisoning a week ago. She's prescribed lactobacillus (in yoghurt or fermented milk), bland diet and patience.
I'm feeling very delicate and the mildest food smells set off waves of nausea.
I really have no appetite, but I gotta eat something...
Mum suggested eggs - easy to digest and should help 'set' my stomach. Must be a recipe that is quick to prepare, and gentle on my delicate palate.

Baked Egg Custards
1 & 1/2 cups milk
1/4 fresh vanilla pod
1/3 cup powdered white sugar
2 eggs

Slit the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds into the milk. Throw the pod into the milk too.
Add the sugar, and warm the milk to just below boiling.
Leave the vanilla to infuse until milk is tepid.
Remove the vanilla pod.
Add the eggs and whisk gently just until eggs & milk are thoroughly combined.
Pour into little ramekin dishes (you'll need about 3 or 4 for this quantity). Grate nutmeg over the top.
Stand the ramekins in a baking pan, and carefully pour hot water around the ramekin.
Bake in a med-low oven (160 deg C; 375 deg F) for approx 50 mins.
Custards are cooked when their wibbly wobbly texture looks settled, and a sharp knife inserted comes out clean.

I've served this with sliced banana (for potassium) and sliced crystallized ginger (to fight the nausea).

[updated 11:08 pm - Well this worked a treat! Took only about 10 mins to prepare, including washing up and garnish. Was delicious yet mild enough to not offend my sensitive stomach.]



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