Monday, May 30, 2005

Yogurt with walnuts, honey, rhubarb and rosewater.

Mum brings me huge quantities of rhubarb from her garden. I chop it into 5 cm lengths and stew with a little brown sugar, a splash of water, and some flavourings of choice: cinnamon, cardamom, or rosewater. It doesn't take long to cook down, then I freeze portions in small plastic tubs, and I have an instant resource for puddings and breakfasts.

Yogurt with walnuts, honey, rhubarb and rosewater.

This is a simple but exoticly flavoured dessert or breakfast dish:
Fresh walnuts, roughly chopped, drenched with honey, topped with plain (unsweetened) youghurt, and rhubarb stewed with rose water.

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Blogger S. said...

That sounds damn good! I wish I wasn't so lazy.

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